Shoaib Akhtar talks on some sizzling cricket affairs in Pakistan

Shoaib Akhtar is known for speaking the truth all the time. He is one of those ex-cricketers in Pakistan who have a lot of fans and enemies at the same time because of his habits of speaking the truth on the face whether someone likes it or not. Shoaib recently resigned from his post of an adviser to the Pakistan cricket board chairman. Shoaib Akhtar did not word the reason after the resignation but now he has. He has talked about his resignation in a recent interview and also talked about a lot of other things happening in cricket. Shoaib talked about the Mohammad Hafeez issue as well which disturbed the Pakistan cricket in the recent past. Shoaib started with his own resignation. He said that it was a personal decision and no one pushed him for a resignation. He was an advisor to the PCB chairman Najam Sethi. Now Sethi has resigned from his post and hence there is no reason for him to stay at his seat as well. He resigned as well.

Shoaib Akhtar added that there is a new chairman on the seat and hence he deserves to select his own team. If he wants advisors then he should select them by his own choice. So this is the reason he resigned and there is no other reason behind this decision. Shoaib Akhtar then talked about the Mohammad Hafeez issue. Shoaib Akhtar said that the players will have to change their mental approach when it comes to retirement. He said that in Pakistan cricket no player wants to retire on his own. He wants to play forever and this is something which does not happen in any sports. A player has to retire at one point in his career. Now here the players never make a plan about their retirement and as a result they are often thrown out of the team at the end. Those who have done that were given a lot of respect and a respectable farewell from the PCB as well.

Shoaib said that Hafeez will have to decide now and the decision should be regarding his retirement and not playing further. Pakistan is progressing with a young team and Hafeez on the other hand is not that young anymore. So the senior player has to walk away now. Shoaib Malik is performing well and even he has announced that the next world cup will be his last venture. This is something which Hafeez could have done as well. He did not. He cannot play like a young lad in this side. His performances were low in the recent past and as a result he was sidelined. Shoaib said that Hafeez if does not walk away with dignity then he will face the same humiliation which the other players in the past have faced. This is something which is in his hands now. He is the best judge here and his words will matter at the end of the day.



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