Something now well between Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma

Now this is something which the Indian cricket and the fans of it will not be too happy about. News are that there is a rift between Indian skipper Virat Kohli and Vice-captain Rohit Sharma. First it was thought to be a rumor but certain actions from Rohit are now confirming the news as well. Rohit recently unfollowed Virat Kohli and his wife Anushka Sharma on social media. Now this is something which clearly suggests that something is not good between Kohli and Rohit. Now there must be some reason for this rift. At the moment the Indian media is trying its best to get to the cause of this rift. One reason as per some analysts can be the omission of Rohit Sharma from the England test series. Rohit did not play the test series because he was not selected despite having a decent test record. His place was given to KL Rahul who has failed miserably in the series. Some of the Indian fans think that Rohit might have done a lot better as opener than what Rahul has done in the series.

Indian team has once again been defeated in England by the hosts. But this time England never had the chance and it seems that the Indian team provided those chances and let the England team take away the series. England lost the first two test matches by a very close margin. In fact the first was lost by some 30 odd runs and the second by some 60 odd. Now it clearly shows that the Indian team was in the game and they could have won the match as well. The Indian top order except for Kohli himself failed in the series. They were badly exposed that playing on dead rubbers in India has given Indian batsmen nothing. In England they all once again struggled except for Kohli who really played brilliantly throughout the series. He is currently the highest runs getter in the series from both sides.

This England unit is weak and Indian should have won the series. KL Rahul failed big time and after a couple of games he should have been taken out and some other opening batsman should have been given a chance. But the strange fact is that India did not take any other opener with them on the tour except for Rahul and Dhawan. Team India is playing the series with just two opening batsman and any injury would have given the India side a huge loss. But as far as injury is concerned nothing happened of this sort but India lost the series which is not a good news. In fact a lot of Pakistani fans in the ground were supporting India and they wanted the Asians to defeat England. Now Pakistan played a long series against England a couple of years back and in that series Pakistan drew series 2-2 against a very strong English unit. This English team is out of form and they could have been beaten easily.



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