South African Women tour to Bangladesh postponed

Hold on. Not just yet, ladies!


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Security concerns seem to be causing quiet the delay for the South African women’s team tour to Bangladesh. The tour which was originally scheduled to commence later this month, on October 15, has been delayed following rising security concerns. The news came from BCB president, Nazmul Hassan, himself following a press conference on that matter on October 5.

The series between the two sides, South Africa and Bangladesh, was to be a thriller collection of three ODIs and some five Twenty 20s. This delay, however, has come as the second sad blow for the Bangladeshi cricketing board in a span of very short time. The fact that only four days to the South African women’s tour being postponed, Australian’s men’s team had also delayed their expected Test Series in Bangladesh is one but sad tale for the cricketing fans in Bangladesh.

Delays on one side, where does Bangladesh go from here?

Meanwhile, a discussion to reach a decision is speculated to take place on the sidelines of the ICC meetings expected to take place in the coming week in Dubai. BCB president Nazmul Hassan deems speaking “face to face” as a much better option than a security report that which the CSA had earlier proposed.

Speaking optimistically Nazmul Hassan stated that “the terror alerts would be taken off by the next 5 – 7 days”. Filling the media in on specifics his simple remarks were “We need to know what type of security plan they have in mind” and that “since both teams are mostly free, it will not be a major problem delaying these series by a few days”.

Not keeping any doubts about having to resort to a plan B, Hassan said that if the issue of teams not willing to visit a country where isolated security threats are a concern, he will reach out to ICC for a solution. Putting forward his desire to wanting a ‘permanent solution’.
“We have to find a solution to play even when there are threats” said Hassan, remarking how he is expectant of the Zimbabwean team to come early for the test series that is schedule. His goal he says is simple “Not to simply show the world or the people of Bangladesh that a team has visited” for the sake of it, but that a “permanent solution” be derived.



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