Swan gets Vaughn and McGrath bowls out Hayden

They say never tell your weaknesses to anyone not even your friends or they will make you pay for them. This is exactly what happened to Vaughn, McGrath and Hayden today in the second t20 game of the all-stars cricket challenge series.

First Swan trapped his former English captain Vaughn leg before wicket and later Hayden was cleaned by his former cricket associate McGrath.

Vaughn was the first man to go. Swan knew where he can take down his captain. He is the highest wicket taking bowler in T20s played by all the former international players. Swan bowled one fast to Vaughan and that was it.

It was a pacey delivery that had absolutely no flight and Vaughan played a horrible cross batted shot that didn’t let the bat hit the ball. He was plumb in front of his stumps when the ball hit his right leg and umpire didn’t take long to give that out.

Next was the Hayden vs McGrath contest. Hayden takes the upper hand when he belted two sixes of McGrath on his first two balls. Both of his shots came right out of the middle of his bat and one went to long on and second over long off.

McGrath then came back on the third ball when he managed to get the inside edge of Hayden’s bat that eventually went on to tarnish his stumps. There it was an Australian getting rid of another Australian.

It was one interesting moment in today’s game. This didn’t happen in the first game. Warriors won the game by 60 runs today.



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