T10ؒ ٰلیگ کراچی کی ٹیم میں شین واٹسن شامل !جانئےT10 لیگ کب شروع ہوگی اور پاکستانی کی کتنی ٹیم ہیں

The famous and somewhat controversial T10 league is back. The second edition of this league will hit the grounds in the UAE soon and there are plenty of news coming from the event as well. The biggest is regarding the former Australian all-rounder Shane Watson. In the first edition of the T10 league we did not see bog names from Australia. The Australians don’t come straight away for a t20 league. They always choose quality cricket and this is the reason we don’t see much Australian names in the leagues like CPL and others. The Australians mostly go for the Big Bash League which is their own and is played in Australia and then they go for IPL and PSL. The quality of cricket in both IPL and PSL is tough and hence the Australians love these two leagues and we have seen them playing these two as well.

Watson was not a part of the T10 league in the opening edition. It was a testing phase and the sponsors and management of the league were not too certain about the success of this league but as now we all know it was a hit so now this time in the second edition we will see some major names. Watson will definitely be one of the impact players in the t10 league like Shahid Afridi and others. Shahid Afridi was the star of the league in the opening edition. He is one of the most followed sports athlete and hence he coming down to play cricket always attracts masses and we have seen this in all four editions of the PSL and in the opening edition of the t10 league as well. Watson also holds respect amongst the hearts of fans who come to watch cricket in the UAE.

Watson is a pro in t20 cricket and we have seen this in the latest IPL edition. Watson was one of the defining factors in the league and he took his side the Chennai Super Kings to the winning podium as well. He scored a ton in the final match of the IPL 2018. Watson scored a massive ton in that final game. In the pool matches he was amongst the runs getter for the Chennai team. He was not in the run of scoring highest number of runs in the event but then again he did get runs when it mattered the most for his side and it was his experience with which he hit a massive ton and got his team to win the event for the third time in the history of IPL. Watson will be a powerful key player in the t10 league.



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