Time when Ramiz Raja thought Imran Khan has gone crazy

Ramiz raja showered reward on his former skipper in a recent interview with geo excellent’s waheed khan and cautioned people “don’t write him off in politics”. at some point of the interview, which become recorded on april 4, raja even went on to describe khan as a “jannati aadmi” ( someone who would visit paradise) for building shaukat khanum hospital. as a long way as politics is worried you could disagree with him, consider him, anything you need,” stated he. recounting pakistan’s international cup history in 1992, he advised the host an thrilling story approximately a mystery huddle inside the wake of team’s dismal overall performance in the tournament and khan’s declare that green-shirts will win because his health facility had to be constructed. the commentator stated waseem akram, saleem malik, javed miandad and he agreed in the assembly that, “captain is mentally disturbed,he is not in his senses because we’re losing and nevertheless he says we will win”.

He said khan changed into so driven with the aid of his hospital that other group members didn’t draw close it. ┬áramiz raja stated khan changed into a fortunate guy who could capitalize at the mistakes of his warring parties, advising humans now not to jot down him off. Ramiz called it a moment of glory for the Pakistan team. He said that all the Pakistani team and management was playing for the cancer hospital. Imran Khan was the most driven towards this cause. The Pakistani team was losing games and still it was only Imran Khan calling that his men will lift the cup. Ramiz said that at one point he thought Imran has gone crazy. He said that Imran was the only one person who used to inject this hope in the whole team that Pakistan will lift the come. How was the only who had this thing in him that pakistan will win just because he was building the first cancer hospital in Pakistan in fact it was the first cancer hospital in Asia and when it was built one could hardly believe it as well.

Ramiz said that even his own relatives have gone for treatment in SKMH and they give a lot of prayers to Imran Khan. This hospital has changed a lot of things in Pakistan. Now cancer patients come to this hospital and get treated. Earlier before the hospital was built there was no chance of one thinking of getting treated for cancer in Pakistan in fact in Asia there was no such kind of hospital to cure this disease. Ramiz shared a lot of golden memories about Imran Khan and the venture towards the crystal cup back in 1992. Imran Khan is enigma and there is no way you can write him off at any point. His luck element is way too strong and he is very passionate about many things. When he thinks of something he will go and achieve that thing no matter how much hard work it will take. This is something which makes him way too different from other clan of people. Imran is that kind of a person as per Ramiz.



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