Top 10 funny moments in Cricket

Cricket was once considered as a game of gentlemen and later when the standards raised and the urge to win took control of the minds of the players it became a warzone.  Cricket is all about maintaining pressure or absorbing pressure.

It is human tendency that wherever pressure come players makes some mistakes and most of time especially in cricket these mistakes turn out to be really funny.

Here we see some of the most incredible moments in cricket that turned out to be funny for the players themselves as well as for the crowd and the commentators. A few would be discussed here from the long list of such incidents.

In an ODI played between Australia and England the Waugh brothers were batting in and left arm off spinner Phil Tufnell was bowling his spell against them.

Mark Waugh cuts Tufnell on off side towards point; Steve on the other end came running in after calling for a single. Mark sent him back but by that time Steve was near his end. The fielder threw a dolly towards Tufnell to get an easy run out,

Tufnell in his excitement missed the ball completely and it deflected towards the mid on region after hitting his hands. Steve when saw Tufnell missing the throw scampered back towards his end.

Tufnell picked the ball up and threw towards the stumps but missed it again. That was funny even Tufnell had a big smile on his face asking himself how would he missed the first chance.

The way Inzamam fell on his wickets against England was another funny moment in cricket. The big man could hold himself and went back to his stumps.



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