Usman Khan Shinwari two wickets VS Zimbabwe

Pakistan off to another good start in the second innings as well. Usman Khan Shinwari who could not impress the fans in the finals of the tri nation t20 series has picked up two wickets straight away. He has bowled two overs and has picked up wicket in each of them. Usman is pretty fast when it comes to pace and often he surprises the batsmen with the pace he has got. The Zimbabwean batting is not that much experienced and hence the opener and then Masakadza the skipper both could not pick up the shots they wanted to intend. They both got out on the leg side. Both the times the catch was taken by Fakhar Zaman. Pakistan is doing things the right way in the game. Pakistan batting was really good in the first innings and now the bowling and fielding is responding as well. This is good cricket from Pakistan.

The first wicket was that of Chari. The Zimbabwean opener wanted to pull the ball on the leg side. Now the ball was a bit short ad pull shot was the right kind of stroke for such kind of balls. But it seems that the ball reached the batsman a bit slower than what he anticipated. The ball hit the toe end of the bat here. It scooped up and went into the safe hands of Pakistani opening batsman Fakhar Zaman. This was the easiest of catches for Fakhar Zaman. He did not have to move an inch for this catch. Chari looked at the toe end of his bat after playing the shot. It was evident that the ball was not timed well by him. The slowness of the wicket was the factor here and it has already been talked that this is not a batting wicket. Batsmen will have to work hard to get runs just as Pakistani batsmen in the first innings.

Masakadza was taken by surprise. He expected the ball to reach him a bit late but Shinwari bowled this one with a lot of pace. The ball hit the upper half of the bat and went towards the same fielder Fakhar Zaman on the leg side. The catch was easily taken once again. This time the ball had pace and it reached the batsman very quickly. Masakadza was in the middle of his shot and hence he could not time the ball properly and got out. Pakistan has two wickets in the bag and now the pressure will be on the Zimbabwean side. They were hoping to get a good solid start to chase this three hundred plus total from the Pakistani team but that did not happen. Even now they don’t have their captain on the crease as well. So things are not looking good for the Zimbabwean side here in this opening encounter.



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