VIDEO : Amit Mishra Out As Obstructing the field

Khaleel Ahmed to Mishra, out Obstructing the field!! This is drama. Some thriller novel will struggle to match up to this. Mishra ran completely in the middle of the turf and the throw hit him. SRH first went up for a caught-behind call and then for obstructing the field.

Some drama now. Mishra might have changed his course while running. The keeper threw it to the bowler, who was mid-pitch. The throw hit the batter and we initially thought the review was for that. But SRH appealled for a caught-behind and that was given as not out. Now, they are checking for Obstructing the field. If you ask me, Mishra is a goner for sure. He changed his direction mid-way and the ball hits Mishra’s arm. You cannot do that. He has been given out here. Mishra ji, what have you done?

Here is the clip of that video:



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