Weatherraid bizarre dismissal in a t20 match

We have seen some interesting ways of getting out in cricket. Most of the time the bowlers bowl some really good balls and get the batsmen out. This is the orthodox way of getting out for a batsman that he gets a good ball from a bowler and him either gets bowled or lbw or caught. But then there are other ways of getting out as well. Australian domestic cricketer Weatherraid faced an embarrassing dismissal in the previous match which he played in Australia. Surely the Aussies batsman would have not thought of this at all but somehow he got his bat flying down towards the stumps and taking the bails off. The Australian domestic cricket is at its peak at the moment. A lot of teams are participating in the events being played in Australia at the moment. This cricket is the process which eventually gives the Australian national team some big names every year. The Australian domestic cricket is really strong and has got some serious quality as well.

The details of this bizarre dismissal is that Weatherraid was batting and faced a length ball from the left arm pacer. Now this ball curved back just a little bit in the air. The batsman was ready to play at this ball. Weatherraid tried to push the ball defensively on the off side. He did not hit this ball too hard because he just wanted to defend this one in order to save himself from getting out. The ball hit the inside half of the bat and then hit the pad. After that the ball went towards the bowler. Now at one end all this was happening and at the other hand Weatherraid was into his shot. As the bat went in the air at the completion of the shot it slipped out of the hands of the batsman here. The bat went straight into the stumps. The grip portion hit the wickets and the bails fell off.

Now Weatherraid was watching all this and he could not believe his luck here. He never thought of getting out like this. This is one of the major problems when you have too soft grip on the bat. You have to hold your bat a bit hard so that it does not slip out of your hands. Most of the times the bat slips out from the hand of a batsman because of sweat. The gloves and the grip portion get wet and hence it gets problematic for the batsman to make a firm grip on the bat. This results in the bat flying off the hands of the batsman. Sometimes even this flying bat hits the fielders as well. We have seen that happen in the BBL in Australia when the bat slipped off from the hands of the batsman and hit the wicket keeper. The wicket keeper was lucky that he did not sustain any major injury. But such incidents are part of cricket.



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