Worst fights Cricket History

Cricket “The Gentleman’s game”, wait a minute, oh really? Yes indeed, cricket might be among the most sporting contest provoking sports in all of history. But since the advent of limited overs cricket, the One dayers, and especially the T20 showdowns, cricket is no longer the softy good man’s sport that was known by all. Not that it is a bad thing, but only more exciting and thrilling to be honest. The stakes, the bars are set higher than before and egos are overflowing like never seen before. What happens when two or more massive egos come face to face on the cricketing field? Yes, you guessed it right, the results are never pretty.

Cricket stands at a difference miles apart from contact sports like football, rugby and hockey. Fights, disputes, physical and verbal showdowns are way more common in those contact sports when compared to cricket. One reason might be that cricket is a slow and patient game and any fight or showdown would naturally take time to build up and get invoked.

Most fights in the history of cricket resulted from a long and bad history between the involved parties. The question arises about the captains and the umpires not intervening enough to prevent such events. Well, some fights are uncontrollable, but some, not so much.

There have been numerous highly notorious cricket showdowns in history. Here are someĀ of the worst and the most controversial and one would admit, things went a wee bit too far in these. 4 Worst Fights Cricket History

1. Dennis Lille vs Javed Miandad 1981


lillee vs miandad


Shocking isnt it? Its true, two players who have their names jotted among the greatest players to have played for their respective countries, it was Dennis Lille vs Javed Miandad on the cricketing field. As things transpired, the showdown didn’t just involve bat vs bowl, it involved a lot more.

It was Novemver of 1981 and a dominant Aussie team was reaking havoc over a Pakistan team filled with stars. Dennis Lillee, the best Aussie fast bowler in those days and one of the greatest in history, had plans for Javed Miandad as the Pakistani batsman made his way down the pitch for a run. Lille obstructed Miandad’s path and well this was how it all began.

According to observers and teammates, Javed Miandad possessed an aggressive nature. Hence it was no surprise that the Pakistani legend ran into Lille, pushed the Aussie paceman aside and walked around him. Yes, the scene did ugly and in a matter of seconds, the umpire burst upon to try and calm things down.

Lille though had other plans and kicked Miandad on the leg. That seemed too much for Mianded who lifted his bat high up in the air and aimed it at Lillee’s head. Thankfully, for the umpire Lillee’s neck and head were still in full shape. Greg Chappell, the Aussie captain took Lille away from the scene, or things could have gotten way too ugly for anybody’s liking.


2. Glen McGrath vs Ramnaresh Sarwan, 2003


mcgrath vs sarwan


Funnily, another Aussie paceman, another Aussie fast bowling legend makes it to the list. What is it with Aussie fast bowlers and fights? In 2003, West Indies test batsman Sarwan and Aussie fast bowler McGrath got into a fight that resulted from a long and heated exchange of words, one can say it was a slow build up, more like a gradual burning war.

McGrath was known to be a very sensitive person outside the field of cricket and according to his close friends and teammates, it was his wife Jane who he was always way too possessive about. That was no surprise as Jane became a cancer patient in 1997 and eventually sadly left the world in 2008.

According to many reports and witnesses, it was Sarwan who initiated the fight with words like “Ask your wife”. From these words, it seems fitting what followed. McGrath totally lost his cool and bursted at Sarwan “If you ever mention my wife again, Id slit your throat”. The situation was calmed down by the umpire and the Aussie captain. The players apologized to each other after the match, but the showdown does go down as one of the most heated of all!


3. Harbhajan Singh vs Andrew Symonds, 2008


harbhajan vs symonds


Racism has been a massively growing issue in sports and in all of entertainment. There is no excuse for racism, their should be no tolerance for it and the punishments should be severe! Doesn’t matter if the involved parties are from the field of play or from outside it, racism is racism and has no room on this planet.

Many sports have fell victim to racism issues over the years, cricket has had its fair share too. Off spinner Harbhajan Singh and Aussie all rounder Andrew Symonds got into one of the most heated confrontations in cricket history which resulted from an alleged racism slur by the Indian man. At the time of the incident, according to Symonds, he was referred to as “Monkey” by Harbhajan. The situation was indeed very strange and the allegations on Harbhajan gained strength by the fact that Symonds felt victim to Monkey chants just 2 months before the incident, when Australia toured India.

Harbhajan insisted that he didn’t mean to sound racist and that his “Monkey” remark was all a result of heat and being provoked. Australia came out victors in a tightly contested battle and the tension remained high as ever as both teams refused to shake hands with each other. Not a good site for any cricket fan! Harbhajan was handed a 3 match ban following the events, but the ban was lifted due to lack of evidence.


4. Colin Croft vs Fred Goodall, 1980


colin croft vs fred goodall


So far, all the fights we have discussed mentioned player vs player confrontations. What we will now bring forth is a player vs umpire showdown! Incredible, yes it happened in 1980 when the West Indies toured New Zealand. Instead of serving as a peacemaker on the field, the umpire took the fight into his own hands. Not very pretty I must say!

West Indies cricket was suffering from a slump in form during that time and the Caribbean men were not having a good tour at all. They lost the first test in controversial fashion as claimed by many to be a result of some very controversial decisions by the umpires. Fred Goodall was the umpire involved the Colin craft was the West Indies fast bowler who totally lost his cool.

Goodall gave several decisions against the West Indies in their loss in the Dunedin test. Goodall’s actions seemd to go in the Christchurch test too, but Croft seemed to have had enough. He took the bails off and bumped into Goodall from behind as he came onto ball.

Although the match ended up being a stalemate between the two teams, the events that transpired will go down among the ugliest ever. According to many, Croft’s actions should have seen him banned from cricket for ever. Goodall too then followed with several offensive comments about the West Indian players after the series and the situation was left almost untouched and punished.



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