Yasir hits a six into Pathans and see what they did to the ball

Yasir Shah is a Pathan and in this particular tribe they love and respect each other a lot. The same love and respect element was seen today in the game between Pakistan and England. It was the second ODI of the series which unfortunately Pakistan lost.

Yasir was a part of this match and when he was batting in the second innings, he smoked Willey for a huge six down to deep square leg.

The ball hit the middle and made a beautiful sound before going aerial and landing into the audiences which by the looks of it were all Pathans.

All of them were onto the ball like a flash. There was pulling, pushing and everything happening among them. Everyone wanted to get his hand onto the ball and finally a young boy clutched the ball in his hand.


But then the others started putting efforts to snap the ball away from the boy. This boy started running around in joy. He was smiling back at the others and kissed the ball a few times before throwing it back into the fields.

This was one funny incident. It was good to see some fun in the game because Pakistan team hardly produced any. There were all completely blown away in all three departments of the game by the English team.

The batting once again went flop for Pakistan. The target 284 was not that big on a wicket that assisted the batsmen but no Pakistani batsman spent time on it. Sarfraz did spend and ended up hitting a fifty rest was a sad tale to even write about.



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