5 batsmen who got run out on 99

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The “99 and run out club”!

Much like cricket is a game of joys and wonder rides, but at the same time, it is also a game full of demoralizing tragedies and devastating heart breaks. Ofcourse, we can name a handful of the possible tragedies that can occur in cricket. Being carried out on a stretcher after you’ve been playing so well for your side? Giving away a cheap catch? Getting out for a duck? Getting hit multiple sixes in a single over? All these shortcomings are heart breakers for sure, and they do prompt the players to kick themselves when they’re back home watching the replays.

From a batsman’s point of view, is there any tragedy out there as horrifying and humiliating as being run out? The answer is a block lettered “NO”! Oh wait, there’s worse! How about getting run out right before you are about to reach a milestone?

Has any batsman ever been run out right before completing a century, or more precisely on the “99” mark? The answer is a block lettered “YES”. It sure does seem like one heck of an unlikely thing to happen, but those close to the game would be well aware of the fact that many a victims have fallen prey to this horrific tragedy over the years. For those not aware, well, we are your friends and we are presenting before you a list of 5 batsmen who got run out at 99 (Hard to digest right? Imagine what the players themselves must have felt like).

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