4گیندوں پر4وکٹیں،پاکستانی بولر عامر یامین نے نئی تاریخ رقم کر دی

Aamir Yamin the right arm pacer from Pakistan has made another solid record in the ongoing T10 league. The league is currently being played at Sharjah cricket stadium. Last night it was Mohammad Shahzad who hit a blistering fifty in the game and his batting stunned every one and now it is Aamir Yamin. The Pakistani pacer picked up four wickets on four balls.

This is for the first time that we have seen this in this form of the game. All the batsmen were caught by the fielders. It was something that we have not seen before in the game. The bowler bowled with a really good pace. Aamir has got some good pace and there is no doubt about it.

Here it was pretty much evident that he surprised all the four batsmen in the name of pace. He was bowling fast and he banged the ball short. The pace did the trick as the batsmen were unable to hit the ball from the middle of the bat and were just looping it to the other fielders standing at the boundary line.

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