Asia Cup schedule might affect PSL

New Delhi: BCCI secretary Anurag Thakur has announced that Asia Cup will take place in the mid of February 2015. This now has put PSL under pressure.

Anurag Thakur on Monday said that the Asia cup will be played next year in the mid of February. The venue is still not decided. It can be either Bangladesh or India.

The decision on the selection of venue will be made soon, Anurag talked to the press. Now this has put a lot of problems for PCB.

PSL will be played on the same dates and if Asia cup starts as well then PSL will surely witness an absence from Srilankan and Bangladeshi players.

As per some inside resources, all this is preplanned conspiracy from BCCI. Asia cup was scheduled to be played at the end of February 2015. Now when the PSL dates have already been announced by the PCB, the BCCI in an effort to dent PSL made this plan to play Asia cup earlier.



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