Former Pak spinner says ICC should investigate India-Bangladesh game

Karachi: Former Pakistan spinner Tauseef Ahmed has said tha the ICC’s (International Cricket Council) anti-corruption and security unit should investigate the World T20 game between India and Bangladesh, terming the result as ‘suspicious’.

ICC should investigate India Bangladesh game

The 57 year old who currently enjoys a career in the coaching department said that he could not figure out the logic behind Bangladesh gifting the game to India in the final over.

“The way the match ended it just does not feel right to me. I think it needs to be investigated by the authorities including the ICC,”

Bangladesh needed 2 runs of the last 3 balls, and both Mushfiqur Rahim and Mahmudullah had their wickets intact. Both batsman lofted easy catches one after the other to the same fielder, and the last ball too ended in a wicket.

“Bangladesh is now not an inexperienced side. They had experienced players at the crease. I don’t understand how they could not first opt to tie the match and try for a big hit,”

Tauseef who played 34 Test and 70 ODIs for Pakistan added that his experience tells him something was not right about the India-Bangladesh finish.

“I don’t know what to say. Best if the ICC looks into the match and holds an inquiry. Look everyone knows things do happen nowadays in cricket matches so nothing wrong in looking into the match,”





  1. Amarjeet singh says:

    Absolutely rubbish from such an experienced player to say and believe.Infact it was India who took the match to climax due to their bad fielding on that very day.

  2. Ashish says:

    Would Tausiff Muhammad explain my question? Is Pakistan team is a loser team? Is the whole Pakistan team not experienced? Why did your team lost all the three matches in queue? Is is not a question of debate? Firstly investigate your team.

  3. Anil says:

    Again pak started there foul play its never ending story

  4. Karunakar says:

    Very funny the pak old spinner told like this the game is is very clear and nice Bangladesh also nice playing that game sincearly but bad luck thay not converted to win

  5. Shubham says:

    First see your cricket team where there are plenty of match fixers.You forget Salman Batt,Md. Amir etc.Don’t established wrong claims on Indian and Bangladeshis players.

  6. Bellarmine jeyaseelan says:

    Don’t’ tell anything rubbish Mr, Tauseef Anmed

  7. sandesh says:

    Pak bahr ho gya isiliy ro rha hai sala

  8. sourabh says:

    What does it means to look at it by ICC..if Ahmad sir have a doubt that there is a chance of fixing then ICC must check it out to keep him shut down…but sir honestly please there is a limit of jealousy…!

  9. Mohan Pendse says:

    Nothing fishy about it. Difference between professionals & amatures brought this tesult.

  10. Michael Timothy says:

    Sour grapes because Pakistan could not show anything worthwhile in this world cup t20,their own coach waqar Younis says Pakistan is not worthy to enter semifinals, what more do you want?so let them go learn how to play cricket first.

  11. Vidyut says:

    I don’t understand how Pak qualified for World cup? I need investigation too.

  12. Syed Baqar Ali Rizvi says:

    Every looser says like this. It was cleverness and a experienced tactical dession of Dhoni only nothing else.

  13. D.R.SINGH says:

    He is not an authority.He is jealos of India’s victory.

  14. nishant says:

    Hallo Touseef ji ,do you want comments on pak team performance .

  15. nishant says:

    Hallo Touseef ji ,do you want comments on pak team performance .In India -Bangladesh match ,last catch not caught by same fielder,first by shikhar dhawan and second by R.jadeja that not easy catch.

  16. vinu says:

    Tauseef are you mad apne ye socha bhi kaise Indian team ke liye kahi apne bhi to tigers KO paise to ni diye haa or dusri teams KO Dene ke liye apke pas paise ni honge tabhi aap sirf unki team se hi jiit PAYE haina

  17. chetan says:

    Pakistan spinner tausif is barking like dog unnecessary becoz,he coden digest indias win

  18. janak says:

    Mother fucker u bastard tauseef Ahmed

    You was u own dick

    Don’t try to was others
    It was India vs Bangladesh

    Not Pakistan s

    U lossers

  19. raghu says:

    In now a days every body know that what kind of strength of a Pakistani mind settings. ,

  20. mdkham says:

    Absolutely right by tauseef. The match seems fixed because India manages everyday by manipulation.
    I predict Gayle will not score today for the same reason.

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