HCA in trouble after complaint lodged against officials

The showdown among the Hyderabad Cricket Association (HCA) officials proceeded as the impromptu advisory group individuals were denied access to the stadium on Monday morning. The oppressed individuals then held up a grumbling with the Uppal police who were hesitant to meddle in the matter and looked for time to counsel their legitimate cell.

The three-part impromptu board, which was delegated by the affiliation’s General Body a month ago, had sent notification to all the club secretaries to submit approval letter of the agent of their club with 2 photos for the expected decisions. The panel headed by Prakash Chand Jain had set December 5 as the last date for sending in the data in regards to the clubs.

On Monday morning, Prakash and alternate individuals from the board of trustees had gone to the stadium to gather the papers however were kept from going into their room.


“In continuation with the decision of the General Body, I had set in motion the election process and had written to all the secretaries to finalise their nominations. I had asked them to send their forms to Room No. F-16 at the RGIC Stadium.

As today was the last day, we had gone to the stadium along with some club secretaries. But the entire first floor was closed and we were not allowed to go to the room. John Manoj and R Devraj were there, so I spoke to them. John said that they had suspended us and hence we had no right to go there,”



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