India Becomes No.1 Test Team

India has won the second test comprehensively and not only won the series but they have also reclaimed the No 1 spot in the ICC test ranking. India started the series with 1 point behind Pakistan for the number one spot. Pakistan passed India after their tied series in England.

The third test whether India wins or loses will not affect the ranking a bit. This will be the fourth time for India to be on the number one spot. Pakistan on the other hand achieved this for the first time and it was pretty special as Pakistan didn’t played any test for the last 6 years at their home turf.

Now what India will have to do is win the last match to put Pakistan far Behind and make it difficult for them to reach the no one position. However if New Zealand wins the third test by a margin Pakistan will be once again with a chance.

Pakistan is all set to meet the West Indies in the test series. During that series it will be the first time in the history of test matches that a day and night test match will take place. Pakistan will love to make history not only by playing but also reclaiming the spot with victory in the first ever test match.



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