Javed Miandad likely to become Head Coach Peshawar Zalmi

Shahid Afridi and Javed Miandad have ended their scuffle. Finally, a good news arrives from the Pakistan cricket apart from the live cricket. The two national heroes in Pakistan have decided not to go prolong this issue.If this is not a big news for you then this might jolt you for sure. As per some sources, Javed Miandad is likely to become the Head Coach of Peshawar Zalmi in the second edition. This news has not been confirmed by Javed so far.

But the whispers are heard a bit by the media. This news has been tweeted by some big name in sports news. Now if this happens then surely it is a good news for the Pakistan Super League (PSL) and Peshawar Zalmi. The fans will also be happy for this change.

Both the legends met to each other today and they have forgiven each other’s words for good. Javed Miandad and Shahid Afridi also recorded a message for their fans. Javed said that whatever he and Afridi said against each other was in the heat of the moment.

He said that he respects Shahid Afridi a lot. He has always treated him as his younger brother. So there was a misunderstanding between the two and they have made things clear now. He said that all the fuss is gone now

Shahid Afridi said the same as well for his former coach. He said that Javed Miandad is his elder. Afridi has always paid a lot of respect to him. He said that he was just hurt by the allegations made on him. Afridi and his family were really upset at all of them.

Javed said that he will take his words back. The two then hugged each other. This is a really great moment for the cricket fans. Over social media, there was a war going on between the fans of these two players. Also, the role of a local TV channel was pretty shameful in this matter.

This media channel tried its best to flame the matter more. They were doing all this for the ratings and nothing else. This channel used some really cheap language against Afridi. They presented Afridi as a bad person and influence in Pakistan cricket. The Afridi fans hit back at the channel and they made several trends against this news channel. Now the matter is over for good.



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