Steve Smith calls James Anderson the ‘biggest sledger’

The Ashes contest has started to heat up. After James Anderson’s bully commnets, Australian skipper Steve Smith has now counter-attacked by calling him ‘one of the biggest sledgers in the game of cricket.’ Anderson has a history of verbal spats with former Aussie players and Smith didn’t hold back much.

Joe Root, England’s skipper, had previously expressed his displeasure at the ‘head-butt’ incident involving Cameron Bancroft and Jonny Bairstow. Root said that the incident was blown out of proportion.

“I read the article. I think it’s interesting coming from Jimmy calling us bullies and big sledgers. I think he’s one of the biggest sledgers in the game to be perfectly honest with you. I remember back in 2010 when I first started and wasn’t any good, he was pretty happy to get stuck into me then. Interesting coming from Jimmy,” said Smith.

At the post-match conference, Australian skipper said, “I certainly wasn’t mocking his team. I was laughing at Cameron and the way he delivered the events of what had happened. He was very dry and different in the way things came across. You guys got a good laugh out of it as much as I did. I’m happy to clarify that with Joe Root, no problem there at all.”

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